• Live Video Broadcast from Kalwaria Pacławska

    On the official YouTube channel of the Franciscans from Kalwaria Pacławska, we can already watch the broadcast from inside the sanctuary. In addition to the opportunity of participating in live broadcasts of Holy Masses, we can now also watch a live video broadcast both from the site of the Miraculous Image of the Madonna from Kamieniec Podolski and from the site of the grave of Fr. Venance Katarzyniec OFMConv.

  • Minor Basilica

    Pope Francis in his official decree rised the Sanctuary in Kalwaria Pacławska to the rank of Minor Basilica.

  • Weekend in silence with Father Venance

    If you keep finding yourself overwhelmed with everyday problems, with the noise and pace of everyday life please consider spending 2 entire days on prayer and contemplation in complete, undistorted silence. If you do wish to parcipate in it will…

  • Magazine “Knight of the Immaculata” in English

    Starting from 2016 the Magazine „Kinght of the Immaculata” originally established by Saint Maximillian Maria Kolbe, is also available in English. On the official website of the publisher the archive numbers of the magazine are ready to free download. You…

  • Friendship with St. Maximillian Maria Kolbe

    It is commonly known that Fr. Venance Katarzyniec and St. Maximillian Maria Kolbe were both great friends of one another.  It was at the time when Maximillian was about to start publishing brand new periodical known as “Knight of the…

  • Holy Mass live streamed

    On the official YouTube channel of Francians from Kalwaria Pacławska every single day the Holy Mass is live streamed. All believers who would like to participate in it now are able to do it by clicking HERE.