Fr. Venance

Who was Father Venance ?

Father Venance Katarzyniec used to say that „Once we pray we can request the Lord for everything”.

Today Venance is known as the one of those to whom we can privately pray especially once we are struggling with every-day material and spiritual problems. There are thousands of testimonies proving how reliable is Father Venance in helping those who ask God for help praying to him.

So today, when the whole world is facing enormous problems caused by the pandemic,  when millions of people around the world live or very soon will live in real poverty, maybe it is the best moment to start praying to God via Father Venance and start asking for the God’s help and mercy?

The cult of Father Venance Katarzyniec, initially known locally, has been becoming more and more popular in entire Poland and western Ukraine. However, not many people from the West ever heard about him. That is why we decided to create this site in English for all of those who would like to get know him better.