Fr. Venance

First evidences of recived God’s favours

Sucha, Poland, 12/12/1922

‘I cannot contain within my heart, that which I have received with God’s help on account of Fr. Venance. I’m not even worthy of such a great grace!

A tumor opened in the middle of my hip. The pain tormented me so much that I couldn’t walk. Humanly speaking, it would be impossible to go without a medical operation, and the very thought of a doctor made me tremble from shame – I did not even admit it to my parents, and only when they asked I said that I was weak and could not walk.
In my affliction, I went to ask Fr. Venance; it was difficult for me to kneel, but somehow, I knelt down and took his picture in my hands, pressed to my heart and asked:

– Father Venance, you who know the embarrassment of girls, ask this grace for me, me an unworthy girl!
And so, I cried, and put all my trust in him, vowing that if he asks this grace for me, I will write of it in his biography.
I received what I asked for without using any medical attention: on the third day I could walk freely, I had no idea how good Father Venance was. From then on, I have entrusted my whole life to his care – may it be for the greater glory of the Lord Jesus and His dear Mother!’

Victoria K