Born in Obydow near Lviv (formerly in Poland, today part of Ukraine) to a family of peasants.

Józef Katarzyniec entered the Franciscan Conventual Order in 1908, receiving the religious name of Wenanty (Venance).

Studying philosophy and theology at the seminary of Krakow, he was ordained priest in 1914. Assigned as parochial vicar at Czyszki near Lviv, between 1915 and 1919 he served as master of the Franciscan novitiate of Lviv.

Dismissed from the function after being diagnosed with tuberculosis, he was sent to the Kalwaria Pacławska monastery where he died in odour of sanctity.

During the short life of Father Venance, he helped Maksymilian Kolbe create catholic media and he appeared as a great preacher. He assured his fellow brothers that he would do the most … after his death. That’s what happened.

The problem with finding a job, buying a car, paying off a high loan, business problems, as well as onerous health ailments – many witnesses confirm that this monk solves every case effectively. 

On April 27, 2016, Pope Francis approved the decree of heroic virtue for Servant of God Wenanty Katarzyniec (or, as he is known in English speaking circles, Father Venance), setting him on the path for possible beatification.

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