Kalwaria Pacławska is located on the south-east of Poland nerby Polish-Ukrainian boarder.

The Sanctuary with the grave of Fr. Venance Katarzyniec inside it and the Calvary are situated:

  • 25 km (15 mi) from the city of Przemyśl;
  • 95 km (59 mi) from the capital city of the region – Rzeszów;
  • 110 km (68 mi) from the International Airport Rzeszów-Jasionka;
  • 270 km (167 mi) from the city of Kraków (Cracow) – It is possible to get there from Cracow even for 1-day pilgrimage.

Pilgrims coming to Kalwaria Pacławska are welcome to accommodate at “Pilgrims’ House” located just right next to the Sanctuary.

The Pilgrims’ House contact information:

telephone: +48166719555
e-mail: dompielgrzyma@franciszkanie.pl

The best time for visiting Kalwaria Pacławska is from April to September.

The busiest time starts in July and ends in the middle of August every year.